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What our Clients have said

Andrew & Danielle

Naseer was incredibly helpful and good for a laugh. We are lucky to have been pared up with him as he made the process as simple and smooth as we could have possibly imagined as first time home buyers. Naseer is willing to help anyone the best he possibly can and is full of a wealth of knowledge regarding finance, insurance and legal. We are definitely keeping in touch with him as we had an excellent experience and made a new friend! If you are reading this call him now!

Gurpreet Ghuman

It’s been great dealing with Mr. Naseer Chaudhry and his team. We got our house mortgage and insurance done through them and it totally was smooth as silk. We got a great rate of interest without any hassle. Mr. Chaudhry has great deal of knowledge in his field and you will be treated like a friend not a customer. We never had any communication problem it was always prompt replies to any questions we had and got time to time updates on the status of our mortgage.
If you are planning to buy a house surely consult them you will not be guided wrong. I totally recommend this place for getting house mortgage and insurance. If you’re disappointed every where and not able to get house mortgage just trust me and consult Centum Above All team. Thank you to Mr. Chaudhry and his team for all the help and awesome service.

Joe Blow

I have been trying to find a Company that would help me get a Mortgage for a Low Interest rate and I have also been trying to re-establish my credit and This Establishment believed in me and trusted me and helped me and guided me through it all.
They spent their own time to update my credit history and now I am on my way to having Good Credit once again after struggling and being told NO by other establishments in the past.

Naseer Chaudhry is a wonderful man, with great respect for others as well as extremely professional and I suggest that you contact this establishment before anyone else.

Thank You! 🙂
Corry K.

Drimal Fernandopulle

This is the best company I have seen in Canada. My dream was to buy a brand new house. 1 year ago Mr. Naseer helped me to get the mortgage. So mean time I have 2 houses I need to pay off some my credit cards. I talked to all the banks, lenders and brokers in Canada but I did not get any thing from them and waste my time. That time even I could not able to balance my Cash flow.So Again I met Mr. Naseer and his team 2 weeks ago. He explained what are the paths to get out from debts quickly with cost saving options. Shortly he came up with a nice solution to get out from debts quickly. He helped to bring this option by switching to a new mortgage company with very low interest and bring a line of credit to pay the debts soon. Now I can save money from my salary because of Mr. Naseer. Now I’m a debts free person saving money every month. Nothing to pay for credit cards and loans. Now I can easily manage my cash flow. Mr. Naseer has a strong talent to find out correct route for proper type of problems and he finished my case with a happy ending.
So if you need to get a mortgage with low interest rate, get out from debts or balance your cash flow do not waste by meeting banks, lenders and brokers, meet only Mr. Naseer at Above all Finance inc.
Now my self and my family spend a stress less and a tension less life. This all happened because of Mr.Naseer and his team talents.
I 100% recommend to any body about this company. So I feel this is the #1 company in CANADA for your all financial needs.
Don’t waste your time if you are in my existing situation contact Centum Above All Financial Inc. right away then you can become a stress less person and live for many years. This is based on my recent experience with Centum Above All Financial Inc

Nick Jj

I signed a contract for rent to own last year and now the house was being foreclosed. I paid 10,000 deposit and also spend 7000.00 in doing some upgrades in the house. The law office told me I had to move out. I signed the offer for 295,000. A friend gave me the number for Centum / Naseer Chaudhry. I met him and he took over all to deal with lawyers. I was approved by a credit union and due to my situation, he suggested that I stay with credit Union. I don’t know how but he fought hard and got the house for 256,000. He even went with me to credit union and made sure i get a good rate and assisted me through the whole process. At the end I wanted to pay him but HE DID NOT TAKE SINGLE PENNY. I asked him why and he said that because you were stuck in bad situation, he could not take anything from me, WOW.
I dont know what to say and how to thank him but I guess there are good people out there. Now I am in my house and saved so much money. I am paying lot less now then rent to own and all that because I went to the right person. Who in their right mind will spend so much time and do all that for nothing?
All I can say is may God bless him and I hope there are more people like him.

Masud Malik

Recently, I dealt with Centum Above All Financial to acquire mortgage on my dream property. I want to give the whole team a big thumbs up for their professionalism and personal evolvement right from the start to closing date. I got better mortgage rate and quality services exceeding to my expectations. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Samara Ebanks

Our experience with Centum was exceptional! We dealt mainly with Naseer, however the office staff we met were all very kind and welcoming. Naseer went out of his way to help us in our unique situation. He did what no one else would. We highly recommend Centum! Our only regret is not going sooner!!

Sonel Capellan

Experience, excellent service and the best market rate are the words that define Naseer and his team.
This friendly man knows the mortgage business very well and will not stop until he gets the best rate in the market.
Working with Naseer has been a pleasant experience that I am going to repeat in a few more years.

Tami Shabgard

Naseer and Huma were both very helpful. They resolved my mortgage issue when no other bank was able to get me a mortgage. Naseer informed me of every little detail which was great. Very helpful service! I would refer others to them and wouldn’t mind seeing them for mortgage in the future. Thanks Naseer and Huma! You are the best at what you do.

Jennie Pineda

Excellent financial specialist ‘Naseer’ very good man! True people to help others, will definitely help you all the way, not just an agent they’ll treat you as family. Awesome experience! If you think your case is hopeless, he makes magic! You’ll leave there worry-free!

Maneet Jassal

It was great dealing with Centum. I met Centum through a client I was dealing & have exchanged few clients with them after that. My clients have given positive feedback for Centum associates & their professional approach & knowledge. I will keep on dealing with Centum in future.