Thanks for all of you and your staff’s work and efforts in securing the mortgage on my first rental property.

The service that you provided was excellent, and you answered all of my questions, no matter how important or trivial with a clear answer and made the journey an easy one.  I will most definitely recommend you to anyone that I know that is in need of a new mortgage or renewal.

Once again, thank you for all of your hard work and I look forward to  talking to you again.

Brian Stupack – Shop Supervisor

One of the best experiences in my life.  I had the opportunity of working with Margaret who helped me get back to my feet with my mortgage.  In my opinion the best company ever.  I will recommend Margaret to anybody. God bless your company.

Joseph and Grace Seidu

Great service.  Margaret answered all questions and was very responsive, even when I called her at 9 o’clock at night.  Got a great rate and approved with no problems.

Jennifer Atkinson

My experience with Centum was excellent.  Margaret explained in great detail how getting a first mortgage works to better my understanding.  I was pleased on how quick things moved along and would recommend using Centum Above All Financial.

Sherry Delorme

I worked with Naseer Chaudhry from Centum for my refinancing. I had credit issues and no one could anything at all. I was amazed when Naseer was able to pay all my debts and also got cash out. Rate was great. Ever since, my whole family has been going to him and he is just great to work with. No games, wasting time and doing things to make a buck or two. He has patience, knowledge and honesty and that is what makes him different. My brother had lots of debts and he could not get married due to being negative every month. Now he is getting married and he just cannot stop smiling, all that at no cost to him. His monthly payment is cut by $1300 a month, now that is a solution. I wish Naseer and his company all the best and we all will be always thankful to him for what he has done for us.

Ross, Gerry, Gerrardo & Florentina Cordoviz

The experience with Centum Above All Financial was an immensely happy one. Not only I got a miraculous approval that I thought I would never get as I was here in Canada only for two years and had a credit card for only 8 months, I also got everything settled in a flash of a lightening bolt. It was so fast and that helped me so much as I wanted to move in to my house as soon as I can. Mr. Chaudhry is really one of a kind, he is extremely client friendly and supportive, he is also very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am so happy to have met him and he really does know how to give what his client needs and answer all the necessary questions.

I wish CENTUM and Mr. Chaudhry the very best of luck in all his future endeavors. I would truly recommend him to anyone who needs help in their mortgages.

Miyosha S. Tso Deh

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