Retain your best employees by providing them benefits similar to personal insurance.


An ideal group insurance provides a right mix of

  • health care and medical benefits, group-health-insurance
  • dental benefits,
  • life insurance,
  • disability insurance,
  • critical illness insurance,
  • accidental benefits,

all with high degree of quality assurance, at reduced costs, and tax-deductible premium payments.A proper group insurance is important for success of your business to help retain your key assets.

We understand that no one out of the box package can fulfill varying needs of your employees. We can help build an intelligent insurance solution by including comprehensive group benefits for your business including flexible plans for your business.

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Combine your group insurance with retirement savings and pension plans to maximize savings for your group/employees. With our pension plans, you get personalized finance management support, retirement income fund, annuity based returns.

If you have 3 or more employees, or if you belong to a union, association, professional group, society or a membership co-op, group insurance may be highly profitable, highly efficient financial security for your group; and can help you save money.

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