credit counselling

We can help you become debt free and in control of your
financial future.

We are a credit & debt repair agency with the know-how and the brains to combat those nasty, harassing creditors. With Above All Financial Inc, you will receive the services of trained financial professionals who will make it their mission to reduce and reorganize your debt.

As the weight of awful debt is bearing down on you, you need Above All Financial Inc to walk you through the battle to successfully manage or reduce your debt while simultaneously increasing your financial freedom. With Above All Financial Inc, you stand to win even more than financial security; you stand to win back your dignity.

We can help you become debt free
Our Services Include:
  • money and credit management education
  • confidential budget, credit and debt counseling
  • debt management plans
  • bankruptcy counseling/education
  • mortgage delinquency counseling
  • homebuyer education

Debt Consolidation and It’s Benefits ?

Debt consolidation involves taking several monthly debt payments from different creditors and consolidating, or combining, them into one monthly payment. Above All Financial debt consolidation staff will negotiate with your creditors to reduce interest and decrease your monthly payments. Your new lower consolidated debt payment would then be made to Above All Financial,Winnipeg . Above All Financial  would in turn make payments to your creditors.

Importance Of budget in managing debt?

Imagine taking a roadtrip across the country without a roadmap or compass. Sure, you might get there after many detours, turn-arounds, and delays. Or you could get a roadmap, map out your trip, and get there with a lot less trouble.
It’s the same way with managing debt. You could successfully get out of debt without a budget, but how long would it take and how much would it cost you. Instead, living out a budget will make getting out of debt much easier.

A budget will help you figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend to get out of debt. Not only that, it helps you figure out where to squeeze more money from your debt.

Once your debt’s paid off, a budget will help you keep your finances on track to keep you from getting back into debt. A budget will help keep your spending under control so you don’t have to rely on debt to make ends meet.

Done correctly, a budget will relieve a lot of the stress from your financial life. No more worrying about if you have enough money to pay your bills.